Listening to dance

The Isomo project

The Isomo Project is a dance performance in which choreographer Iris Bouche explores the relationship between language, movement, perception and transformation.

The starting point is experimenting with audio description: the performance delves into describing dance and wants to turn that description itself into an aesthetic experience so that movement becomes accessible to people who are visually impaired or blind. How does one listen to movement? How can language be interpreted as a form of movement? The Isomo Project II is betting on new visual vocabulary to describe movement, dance and various bodies. Together with dancers Hernán Mancebo, Saïd Gharbi, Anya Senognoeva, and musicians Kobe Proesmans and Aarich Jespers, the performance pushes the senses and explores different modes of visual and auditory perception.

OPEN and Staging Access collaborated with the creative team to shape this performance. The starting point of the creation process was a poetic audio description to a dance video from 2020. Nina Reviers, Joyce Vuylsteke and Sabien Hanoulle, in consultation with Iris Bouche, set out to find a new balance between description, dance and poetry. A search for the aesthetics of accessibility. A search for inclusive ways of accessibility that bring people with and without disabilities together.

You can listen to the poetic audio description on our YouTube channel at this link:

Thanks to everyone who made this audio description possible: Iris Bouche, Hernán Mancebo, Saïd Gharbi, Anya Senognoeva, Lili Proesmans, Kobe Proesmans, Joris Caluwaerts, Max Greyson, Stef van Alsenoy, Leni van Goidsenhove and all the people who gave us feedback during the process!